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Your Birthstar is the constellation the Moon was in at the time of your birth. It is important in Vedic Astrology as it gives a very unique profile of how your mind works. It will be a key indicator of what your good days and bad days will be, it will affect how planetary influences unfold in your life, and is used in compatibility analysis. In India, your Birthstar would definitely have been taken into account in naming you as a baby as well as in selecting your marriage partner. The Moon represents the Mind in Vedic Astrology the Moon will be in any one of the 27 Birthstar constellations, the energy of that Birthstar constellation is imprinted on our consciousness at the time of our birth.
In Sanskrit, Birthstars are referred to as Nakshastras.

In addition to providing you with your birthstar information, the birthstar report will recommend the appropriate remedy to remove undesirable effects. Transform your life for the better


This report gives you your Vedic Chart this is a view of all the planets used in Vedic Astrology and their location at the time of your birth. A planet is located in both a sign like Libra or Aquarius and one of the 12 houses. Each of the planets sign and house will shape you as an individual, as the planets keep moving in the sky- your life will unfold under their influence. Find out what planetary cards youve been dealt and figure out how to play them to win!


This report highlights the key daily indicators that Vedic Astrologers use to surf the planetary energy waves. Surfs up! Find out what the surf conditions are on this lovely resort Planet Earth. The Panchanga describes when you might run into obstacles, when it will be time to charge ahead or hang back and wait for your moment


How compatible are my partner and I based on Vedic Astrology? Astroved reads each individual's chart and based on birthstar, gives the strong points and low points based on all areas of compatibility.
Okay, romance and relationships can add sweetness and bitterness to life. This compatibility report can identify what the high points will be and some potential stress points to be aware of. Dont you want to know? Give it a shot.


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The Gemstone Report provides gemstone recommendations based upon your birthchart. It takes the most significant planets in your particular birthchart and gives information on the gemstones you can use to either enhance the positive effects of your favorable planets or minimize the negative effects from your unfavorable planets. The report describes the gems that you may want to consider and gives several options of expensive to inexpensive gemstones that might work for you.


This basic job/business forecast uses the position of the planets at your birth to determine what career fields you may have the most potential to succeed in. Perhaps there is a new career area which you should explore! This Vedic Astrology report draws on the Houses of your chart related to career and the planets in those Houses and uses these indicators to identify your potential career paths.


This report hits on all the areas of life. It goes through each area and gives the overall themes and affects the planets will have on your life. Why not look at the whole picture? This makes a great gift for you or your loved ones. We dont ask you to understand astrology in order to get the benefit of the stars knowledge there is no confusing terminology in the report. The result is a streamlined report touching on everything youll want to know about yourself.


Why do some people win Lotto while the rest of have to work for a living? Its all written in the stars! What do yours have to say?

This forecast analyzes the areas of the birthchart that indicate how money will best come to you. Will you inherit it? Make money through investment? Always make just enough money to get by? Will you make tons of money only to spend more than you get? Were not promising everyone wealth but we do want you to know what might be ahead of you financially so you can be aware. This forecast also discusses how you can get more in tune with the planets so you can soften any negative effects they might have on your checking account.

Money Forecast for G B

Planet's Influencing your Finances
The planets - Moon, Sun, Jupiter and Mars will influence your financial status and career growth.

Moon is neutral for you, it will not have negative effects on your finances. Sun is neutral for you, it will not have negative effects on your finances. Jupiter is neutral for you, it will not have negative effects on your finances. Mars is neutral for you, it will not have negative effects on your finances. The Sun in the 12th may cause debts and huge expenses, it may also lead to loss in professional reputation.

Improving Your Financial Outlook
You can affect your financial future by improving your relationship with the planets affecting your finances. This aspect of Vedic Astrology is helpful as it indicates some action you can take to improve your situation rather than be resigned to it. How can you improve your relationship to the planets? - through remedies. For example, you can perform meditation on that planetary energy, use gemstone therapy, or do a virtual Pooja to these planets. Below are the links to the remedies you might like to try.

Planets Remedies
Moon Mantra Gemstone
Sun Mantra Gemstone
Jupiter Mantra Gemstone
Mars Mantra Gemstone

Upcoming periods of Increased Financial Pressure
1. Between November 1,2004 and May 14,2006, you'll be strongly affected by the planet Jupiter. During this period, you may have more debts and commitments . To avoid these ill-effects, chant 'Om Namo Narayanaya' 108 times during this period.

2. Between August 7,2012 and June 13,2013, you'll be strongly affected by the planet Sun. During this period, you may have career problems and a loss of your status . To avoid these ill-effects, chant 'Om Namashivaya' 108 times during this period.

Your Best Days to Start Activities
Choosing an auspicious time to start an activity can greatly affect a positive outcome. By paying attention to when we make an action relating to our finances - like making an investment, starting a business, calling an important client, signing a deal, etc., we can improve our financial status. Isn't it worth finding out? Below are the dates that are the most compatible with your birthstar. These dates are a good starting point for experimenting with your auspicious times. Also check out our Favorable times calculator to find the best personalized time for you to perform specific activities.

Your personal best days for wealth and prosperity are days ruled by the following birthstars.

Birthstars Good activities to undertake on this Birthstar Day It next occurs...
Swati Good time to start progressive activities. December 1,2004
Satabisha Good time for business deals and real estate contracts. December 9,2004
Ardra Good day to do upleasant work. Clear the air. File a countersuit.


You are familiar with your Sun sign now find out your Moon Sign. Your Moon Sign is based on what sign the Moon was in at the time of your birth.

Western Astrology has taught us about our Sun sign where was the Sun when we were born. In Vedic Astrology we are concerned with our Moon Sign or Eastern Sign. The Sun indicates how the world sees us the Moon indicates how we see the world. So whats your perspective? This report gives the zodiac sign the Moon was in at the time of your birth as well as an analysis of how the mind works for people born with the Moon in the same zodiac sign as you.


This is the litmus test what can Vedic Astrology tell me about me? You hardly know me?!! This report is a brief accurate reading based on your Vedic birth chart.

Try it and see! The many people who have tried this report have told us it is dead-on accurate. We hope that you will find it accurate for you too. Its a great starting point for learning more about this Vedic Astrology stuff, why not see if it works before you get in deeper


Vedic Astrology has this really cool system of planetary influences called the Dasha System. The Dasha System says that planets take turns in executing your karmas stored in your birthchart. Each planet will take a turn activating its own areas of your chart. This report gives the two planets currently in charge of doling out your destiny and what that combination might mean for you!


The planetary transit report compares the sky at the time you were born to the current sky. When there are overlaps in the two snapshots those planetary energies may cause a shift in your life. Your focus may move from the physical to the spiritual, you may change a long held opinion, or you may decide to take up golf. This report gives the upcoming transits and the areas of life where these transits may affect.


How compatible are my partner and I based on Vedic Astrology? Astroved reads each individual's chart and based on birthstar, gives a basic reading for relationship compatibility.

Horoscope preparation cost and service charge: RM78
We have the only book in the world written completely on you and your life.
If you don't read it who else will?

Super Horoscope - Content  No. of pages : 86
This is the most exhaustive analysis ever done on your horoscope. It analyses each of the 12 houses, and the position of all the 9 planets and answers 23 different questions about your life. If you are serious about your future this is a must for you.

Part A - Pages 26  Detailed Horoscope

Part B - Pages 10
1. Are you going to be wealthy? 2. Luck in house matters. 3. Happiness in marriage.4. Do you have Rajayogas and special yogas?. 5. All about your health.6. All about planet saturn / Sani transit.  7. Numerology and your name.8. Do you have luck in foreign countries?.  9. How good is this day.
10. Business or Employment? Which is better?

Part C - Pages 11
1. Your lucky directions.  2. Will you become famous?  3. Your lucky gems.
4. All about your livelihood.  5. Turning points in your career.  6. Luck with children.7. Your general nature.  8. Your lucky months.  9. What each planet is upto?10. Your friends and enemy planets. 
11. Your favourablepoints.  12. Your overall strength.

Part D - Pages 12
Page 01: Ashtaka varga, Yoga pinda of 7 planets, Sarva ashtaka varga.
Page 09: Vimsopaka strength of 7 planets. Page 10: Shadbala strength of 7 planets.Page 11: Planet-wise aspect on each planet .
Page 12: Aspect of planets of 12 houses.

Part E - Pages 9
- One page for each planet. On each page the following is given.
- What each planet permanently signifies.
- What each planet signifies because of becoming the Lord of a house.
- Effects due to aspect on various houses.- Effect due to occupying a particular star.- The plus & minus of each planet.

Part E Contd. - Pages 12
- One page for each of the twelve houses. On each page the following is given.- What each house permanently signifies.
- What is the effect because the Lord of a house occupies one of the twelve houses.- Effects due to various planets by aspect, association with other planets, on the Lord of each house.- The time intervals when the effects are more likely to be expressed.
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